Back To School – Covid Style: Some Faqs As The New School Year Starts

July 29, 2021 By Robert D. Haws In Legal Alerts

July 29, 2021 – During the 2020-2021 school year, school districts throughout Arizona were routinely performing contact tracing on behalf of their local health agencies and sending staff and students home to isolate or quarantine. In recent weeks, the role of public schools relative to quarantine of students has been questioned. The purpose of this FAQ is to identify and address the most common questions that Gust Rosenfeld and Udall Shumway education law attorneys are being asked. We hope the information below is helpful or at least a helpful starting point for further discussion with your school law attorney.

We recognize that federal and state statutes, rules and guidance are evolving day by day. It is challenging to keep up with all the changes. Therefore, we hope the links in this document will help you get to the webpages of the agencies that are publishing updates and you can, of course, reach out to your school law attorney for updates as well.

View the FAQ here.

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