Unwavering Commitment to Our Community
Evolution without Compromising Our Values
Maintained by Our History and Roots

Real Results, Valued Relationships,
and Earned Reputation.
The Story of Gust Rosenfeld

Old Gustlaw
1921 Prominent Phoenix attorneys Joseph H. Kibbey, Walter Bennett, John L. Gust, and Frank O. Smith formed Kibbey, Bennett, Gust and Smith.

Embracing our History of Integrity with Innovation and Adaptation

At Gust Rosenfeld, our reputation stands on the quality of our people and the soundness of our work. For more than a century our clients have benefitted from a full range of services offered by our exceptional team of lawyers and community leaders. We draw on a storied 100-year history of legal excellence that is energized by ingenuity. We achieve results by delivering high-quality legal services that further our clients’ objectives. We develop relationships by inspiring trust in our firm, our practice areas, and our individual lawyers. We build our reputation with integrity and innovation, values that honor our legacy.

Gust Rosenfeld Badges
Gust Rosenfeld Badges
Gust Rosenfeld Badges
Gust Rosenfeld Badges
Gust Rosenfeld Badges