Arizona Anti-Deficiency Saga Plays Out Like Primetime Drama – Existing Statute Changed, Then Change Repealed, Future Uncertain

September 22, 2009 By Christopher M. McNichol In Legal Alerts

Prologue: This summer, the state legislature grappled with changing Arizona’s anti-deficiency law, which protects homeowners who lose their homes in foreclosure from paying a “deficiency” on the property. A “deficiency” is the difference between the secured debt and the greater of the sale price or the home’s fair market value. […]

Identity Theft Prevention Program

July 5, 2009 By Gust Rosenfeld In Legal Alerts

Effective August 1, 2009, businesses and organizations with consumer or other accounts at risk for identity theft must develop and implement an Identity Theft Prevention Program. They also need to heed identity theft “red flags.” Who Must Comply Covered entities include banks, credit unions and other financial institutions, any business […]

Gust Rosenfeld Attorneys Honored By Best Lawyers For Being Listed Since The Ranking System Was Developed In 1983

April 13, 2009 By Gust Rosenfeld In General

Three Gust Rosenfeld attorneys will be honored April 23-25 for being among only 1,397 lawyers who have been listed in the publication since it began rating lawyers in 1983. Hosted by Best Lawyers in Atlanta, Georgia, the event celebrates the publication’s 25th anniversary and features prominent speakers and a gala […]

Amendments to the Americans with Disabilities Act

March 16, 2009 By Gust Rosenfeld In Legal Alerts

Recent amendments to the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) significantly increases employers’ obligations. It not only increases the number of individuals covered but also increases the types of impairments protected. The amendments specifically reverse two U.S. Supreme Court decisions that narrowed ADA coverage. Congress criticized the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission […]

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